Annie Hot Fire Soft Blaster Gun

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    Have a great shooting dart game with this Blaze Storm Manual Soft Bullet Gun. Kids will love to fire soft foam bullets and suction darts and hit an imaginary target Or you can make a target board yourself and sharpen your shooting skills. This Gun is easy to operate - load the soft bullets or suction darts from the front muzzle, pull the lever at the back, trigger and fire. The Magazine can load 4 foam bullets at one time to make the action look all the more real. It is Super Exciting and Super Cool Shooting Fun for the whole family, right in the cozy indoors!! Ideal for kids ages 6+ years. Foam Blaster Gun Toy, Safe and Long Range, 10 Bullets Gun Toy gun Bullet House Simulation design The outside look and inside structure of the gun are simulated to the big real one as much as possible, so its simulation design may give you more fun and satisfaction than a normal shooting pistol toy. Manual operation As a soft bullet gun, its clip can contain 10 soft bullets, and you can shoot these bullets at one time non-stop just like using the real heavy machine gun. Bullet warehouse There is a spare clip under the muzzle for 4 bullets, so that you can replenish ammunition conveniently.

  • Big Gun with Soft Bullets
  • 10 Soft Foam Bullets included
  • No batteries required. Easy pull and Play action
  • Great fun for kids and the Gun built quality is very good
  • Make of ABS Plastic which is nearly unbreakable


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